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Our Charges  

MTN = 1unit/SMS

GLO = 1unit/SMS

Airtel = 1unit/SMS

Etisalat (EMTS) = 1unit/SMS

We sell at ₦1.8/unit




Bulk sms service, GSM database for Nigeria and Web design

We charge 1unit per sms to all GSM networks


We sell to RESELLERS at N1.55/unit.

Delivery at 1unit=1sms to all networks.

Quality and instant delivery.
Free API, No minimum purchase.

We also sell GSM numbers for all L.G.A in Nig.

Own a Website of your own at a very low cost.


To ensure prompt delivery of your messages, please note the following:

  1. Your message must not contain “scam words” like promo, win, won, congrats, congratulations, award, etc.
  2. Always send your message first to yourself before broadcasting to the rest of your contacts…to ensure there is no issue with delivery.
  3. If you have phone numbers in the body of your message, kindly separate them with at least two hyphens e.g. 0703-8743-765. This is to ensure delivery to Glo networks. It also prevents your message spilling to the next page without your information.
  4. Your sender ID must not be more than 11 characters.
  5. When using the UPLOAD RECIPIENTS option, ensure you upload a .txt file. We do not accept excel or microsoft documents.
  6. Messages will not be delivered if the above tips are not followed.


You are welcome to our website, the simplest, fastest, cheapest and most reliable way to send customized bulk text messages to literally thousands of GSM and CDMA cell phones in Nigeria and Globally.

Are you a business owner wanting to by Browser Shop"> communicate or market to your customers?
Are you an organization wanting to send group messages such as event notifications, promotions or SMS alerts to staff?
Are you an individual looking to send a quick message or group text messages to all your friends?

Bulksmsteam is the answer.



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